Communities Against Racism


“Communities Against Racism” Conference October 1997

Why was there a need for such a conference?

Racism is a fact of life for black people in Scotland. 1997 was the European Year Against Racism, the Conference was an opportunity for Black/Minority Ethnic Communities to raise issues of racism and to develop strategies to challenge racial discrimination.

The Conference was intended to raise awareness among practitioners in the fields of Education, Social Work and other professions, providing a platform to exchange experience and good practice on challenging racism.

The Conference also acted as a springboard for an anti-racist strategy for Greater Pilton.

“Anti-racism Conference – The Way Forward. The Conference proved so popular that it was oversubscribed and only those who returned their booking forms early were able to secure a place”
North Edinburgh News Nov.1997

Sponsors of the conference:
  • The Black Community Development Project
  • The City of Edinburgh Council
  • The Scottish Office
  • Scottish Homes
  • 1997 European Year Against Racism