Needs Survey report


2nd Needs Survey Report

The 1st needs survey ‘TIME TO HAVE OUR SAY’ was carried out in 1993. The survey highlighted racism in schools, racial harassment and discrimination, lack of appropriate local services, in terms of education, health, social services, policing and leisure, and the marginalisation of black people in Greater Pilton.

It also highlighted the need for a specialist Project to be established to provide for the particular educational and welfare needs of the black population, and consequently the Black Community Development Project was established.

Four years later, we wanted to evaluate our work and gauge our impact, by establishing whether not there had been any positive changes to the lives of the black residents during the period between the two surveys.

Another reason for carrying out a second survey was that it had been six years since our other source of information, the 1991 Census, had been gathered.

The project needed to have more accurate and up to date information on the patterns of movement of the local black population.

The 2nd Needs Survey Report was completed in February 1998 and is entitled:Our voices…! Our rights…! Our freedom to live!

“The important thing is to change people’s attitudes. A lot of it is ignorance or fear of other cultures.”
Edinburgh Evening News

“The problem for black people and black organisations is the lack of participation in the decision making process and the allocation of resources.”
Herald & Post

Subjects covered in the 2nd Needs Survey Report
  • Population of the black / minority ethnic communities,   as contained in the 1991 Census
  • Living in Greater Pilton, Edinburgh
  • Participation in local activities
  • The Community
  • Education and Training
  • Black Women
  • Unemployment & Self-employment
  • Black peoples vs. mainstream service providers
  • Immigration and Nationality
  • Refugees